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Interview with José María Calvar, Head of Tech& Data at UPartner Media

José María Calvar: At UPartner Media, accurate omnichannel measurement is a reality.

In order to learn more about UPartner Media’s contribution model-based measurement platform, we spoke with José María Calvar, Head of Tech & Data, who revealed how the agency is able to offer a unique brand ecosystem to its clients, where technology is at the service of the business.

In the market, we hear a lot about attribution and last-click models, but you talk about contribution models… What is a contribution model?

Life is like a contribution model: if you don’t know who contributes what in your day-to-day life, sometimes it becomes difficult to make the right decisions.

A contribution model works in the same way, understanding how each channel has contributed to a specific action, instead of attributing it only to the last channel the customer visited before buying.

So, instead of assigning the entire outcome to a single channel, you can see the total impact of each channel throughout the customer journey, from the moment the consumer first became aware of the brand to the moment of purchase.

This makes it easier, for example, to make informed decisions about where to place resources for maximum impact and provides a more accurate view of how each touchpoint affects people’s decision-making process.

What are the advantages of using a contribution model over other models when measuring the impact of each channel in an omnichannel advertising campaign?

At UPartner Media we have based our measurement system mainly on 3 key points that are advantageous when you use a contribution model:

The first would be at a strategic level because, through informed decisions, we can recommend  the best way to distribute its budget in each of the contact points to the client, knowing how much investment is necessary in each channel and estimating the best way to distribute it so that it is as profitable as possible, maximizing ROI.

The second is at a tactical level, because it is possible to achieve an immediate optimization of the budget based on those channels, formats or creative pieces that are being more effective and contribute more to the result that each brand is looking for, regardless of the phase of the funnel we are measuring.

This means that we optimize those touch points that help to achieve more awareness, more consideration, more sales or more loyalty and this results in a much more transparent management of the media, which is one of the main value propositions that UPartner Media offers to our clients.

And the third is at the consumer level, since we are able to better understand the consumer’s journey, identifying valuable insights, weak points and opportunities to improve the user’s experience with the brand, improving their relationship with it.

This makes precise omnichannel measurement a reality at UPartner Media. The technological development designed to add value to the business of our clients from the communication and media differentiates us and puts us at the forefront of the industry.

Ever since digital advertising started gaining relevance, achieving a single measurement for all activity has been an issue in our industry. At UPartner Media we have picked up the gauntlet and developed a solution to this issue.

Not only do we have advanced modeling based on the contribution of each touchpoint, but the models are part of a complete measurement platform that integrates contribution models, machine learning and artificial intelligence to measure all variables that could affect the communication environment of brands.

Through this platform, we offer our clients a unique brand ecosystem, without divisions between on and off, nor between business and advertising. This is truly innovative. This way of measuring means that we are equipped to continue advising our clients regardless of whether their buying model is GRPs or CPMs, or whether cookies disappear tomorrow.

Our platform is able to combine data from multiple sources- such as web analytics, advertising and ad tracking systems, audience measurement data (Kantar, EGM, GFK), CRM information, sales data, brand health tracking, different consumer journeys and rankings, changes in distribution, macroeconomic situation, among a myriad of additional variables – to create specific solutions that solve each brand’s landscape and allow our partners to be able to measure, understand and optimize their communication results to ultimately make their business results more efficient.

Thus, we are able to create a perfect marriage between deterministic data and inferred data to put it at the service of our partners’ business and efficiency.

How does your measurement platform provide a more precise control of the impact of each channel compared to traditional methods?

Our measurement platform is more advanced because it considers a precise way to measure the impact of each channel and takes into account that a consumer’s journey in their relationship with brands is rarely linear. That’s why we track every user interaction with the brand, regardless of its origin.

With traditional methods, it is impossible to unify all these data sources and the amount of information to consider is enormous. Our platform organizes, prioritizes and establishes relationships between variables so that the client, at a glance, can understand what is happening with their brand, and how each of the actions they take can affect the final result.

It is a single ecosystem that the client can access in real time and immediately, without having to wait weeks or months to know how each activation is working. My team and I have constant follow-up meetings with the client to share relevant insights but, at the same time, the client can access the platform on a daily basis and see in a simple way how each measured KPI evolved in each of the activated channels.

Can measurement platforms like UPartner Media’s help brands make decisions about which channels to invest in or which media to allocate resources to? Does this affect all brands in the same way?

I don’t know about other platforms, but UPartner Media’s certainly does. Our partners already have a measurement system in place that guarantees them a unique, complete and detailed view of the consumer journey and the impact of each touchpoint along the way.

By assigning a portion of each KPI (mention, sale, comment, etc.) to each touchpoint, the client can see which channels, campaigns and ads are actually generating better responses and impacting their bottom line. This information is key when deciding where to allocate resources or which channels to invest in.

Our measurement platform is flexible to adapt to each client’s objectives, customizing the KPIs we track. For example, for a direct response client, we associate each conversion to the path that the IDs have followed and it is easier to understand what is the optimal mix that will boost the sale. But for clients working at the top of the funnel, we are able to assign a brand mention or advertising recall to each channel activated and thus improve their efficiency in branding KPIs.

Therefore, our measurement platform can be implemented for all brands, regardless of their target audience, their level of digitalization or their marketing strategy.

How can UPartner Media’s measurement platform be used to improve the consumer journey and optimize people’s experience with brands?

UPartner Media’s measurement platform can be used to improve the consumer journey and optimize their experience, regardless of whether the channel where we impact them is paid, owned or earned.

This platform makes us understand how to customize the user experience and interactions in each channel with different touch points, which ultimately translates into improved cross-channel integration, for example, by reducing overlaps.

Understanding how consumers approach brands is especially relevant in today’s environment, where we are seeing that changes in the consumer’s relationship with brands are happening at breakneck speed.

At UPartner Media, we analyze real journeys to provide a single view of how different channels interact in the consumer decision-making process so that brands can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each channel or adjust their strategy in real time and in an agile way to adapt to these findings.

About UPartner Media

About UPartner Media