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Interview with Farah González Insights & Comms Lead at UPartner Media

What professional challenges do you face in this new role?

The main professional challenge of this new role revolves around building stronger relationships between brands and consumers, and in the current scenario this is really complex. We work with a proprietary technology that allows us to have a wealth of data to understand the consumer journey from activation, but at UPartner Media we don’t understand that relationship in such a “cold” and distant way. For a brand to achieve true success in its relationship with consumers, it must have a soul and find the balance between what the data says and those intangible attributes that differentiate it from others and that represent its main point of engagement with the customer’s needs. Knowing where to look for answers and establishing the optimal balance between what is measurable and what is not is where the challenge of this position lies and what my team and I face.

What is UPartner Media’s internal team like?

Look, I think UPartner Media has created a team to be proud of, because we are a group of young professionals with extensive experience, very diverse and that gives the company a different vision of things. Diversity gives our company the richness of having a thousand angles from which to see reality and that is tremendously nourishing both for our value proposition and service as well as for the company’s internal environment. We are a multidisciplinary team that works together to provide value from each of our areas of expertise and thus strengthen a common proposal that responds to and nurtures the client’s needs. This is, in part, what has allowed us to build a client base that has been with us since the company’s inception in 2017. There is a common effort to produce excellence at both the service and product level.

What are your goals for the future at UPartner Media?

We want to continue growing and taking on new challenges, viewed through that different way of doing things that characterizes us. Our goal is to continue to consolidate our position as experts in understanding the relationship between our marketing actions and consumer receptivity. This not only involves the work we do on a day-to-day basis with our current clients, but also makes the Insights & Comms department responsible for communicating the UPartner Media brand to the market. Until now, the company has been consciously working on strengthening its value proposition, assembling a talented team capable of meeting the market challenge and optimizing its internal work processes. Although we are always in a constant learning process, the evolution of my role responds to the need for the market to know our vision of communication strategy. We approach daring clients who are also committed to continue growing and who are looking to work with an agile, avant-garde media agency that gets involved in the business of each brand in a strategic way. In the same way, we bring our technological development capabilities to drive evolution from a vision that adds value to the consumer’s relationship with brands.

What measures do you plan to establish to unite the consumer’s vision and the brands’ communication?

At UPartner Media we use technology as the foundation of any strategy, without limiting ourselves only to what a traditional media agency does. We push the boundaries of what our work is supposed to be to help brands take their business further. In the Insights & Comms department, we seek to collaborate so that all the phases of communication are integrated within the vortex of the intelligence and data we know about the consumer. This makes it possible to create advanced marketing strategies and activations, which allow us to build stronger relationships with the consumer and enable each brand to achieve its objective. Our technology allows us to know where the consumer is on his journey towards the brand and gives us the ability to respond precisely to those actions that generate a better response, through a process that makes communication more profitable because it can focus on what responds optimally to each objective set.

Based on your more than 13 years of professional experience, what do you think is most relevant when working on brand and communication strategies?

This is a difficult question, because in each challenge what is relevant is something different. If I had to summarize everything we do in one thing, I would say that the most relevant thing would be to understand the needs of the brand not only from the perspective of the brand itself or what is written in the brief, but to take on a viewpoint which more similar to the consumer’s own, understanding what the consumer needs and how the brand can contribute to satisfying that need or even anticipating it. It seems obvious, but this way of understanding people is often less common than you might think.

What trends are present in the world of communication in terms of consumer needs?

With the current situation of instability and the scenario of immediacy experienced in recent times, I believe that we will soon face a more vitalist consumer. This answer takes shape from the sustained state of anomie in which the consumer has been immersed. Not for several generations has the consumer been faced with a change in the normal functioning of the world such as the one we have experienced and which still seems not to be over: a pandemic, the Russian war or a unique economic situation in which forecasts lose validity almost immediately. Given the lack of references on how to act and the prolonged nature of this scenario, enjoyment and exploration as ways of reacting to reality are also changing what consumers expect from brands. Consumers now demand solutions that go beyond the current offer through new and improved paths that lead them to solve what they want or need, and that are consistent at all levels: ethical, economic, social, etc. About UPartner MediaMedia UPartner Media is a media agency with end-to-end services that works to add value to the business results of brands, through a partnership relationship based on trust, transparency and involvement. Its proposal is based on a solid team, data solutions and innovative technological products, all at the service of communication.